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Kruskopf & Company Brand Tracking

How do you determine if the brand work for your client is effective? Our Solution We manage a yearly quantitative tracking study for KC Truth and their Minnesota Fortune 100 client. Through this study, H+W analyzes statistical data to bring insights on the brand and industry trends, and to help KC and their client develop their annual marketing plans. Because an H+W Truth is that strategy comes from nimble knowledge. Our combination of extensive research and brand strategy helps create an exciting and inspiring reflection of a brand– one that will last for years to come.



We conducted eleven in-depth interviews with people in several leadership areas of the Medica business line, intently listening for key aspects of its history, relationships, innovations, and future direction. We developed a foundational message platform that aligned with the enterprise brand positioning and created compelling messages for eight different audience segments.



We dug into the complex, rapidly changing world of the third-party logistics industry and immersed ourselves in the ethos of Sheer Logistics to understand what makes Sheer unique. We created a brand that is true to Sheer, placing the company into prime position for future growth. Our services included: Secondary and primary research; brand ethos; corporate and product naming; identity and image system; marketing strategy; website refresh; business and marketing materials. Sound research and smart brand strategy can have a profound impact on any brand – big, small, or brainy.


University of Minnesota – Opinion Leaders

By asking them of course. But we did it differently. Using focus group research and a Molecular Brand model, we uncovered insights on how to develop messages that effectively reach audiences in a variety of rational, emotional and tangible ways to create the strongest levels of engagement with the brand. Our unique approach gives clients unique answers for effective strategies you don’t often get from a traditional agency. Uncovering the truth takes time. But it always leads to the best possible work.



We started with in-depth research, paired with a belief that our work would change the brand, and potentially change lives for the better. We immersed ourselves in the world of post-secondary services for people on the autism spectrum and those with learning differences. We employed secondary research, led in-depth interviews and conducted mall intercepts to provide strategic direction. We created the MICC Brand Ethos, naming, brand architecture, identity and image system, bulldog spirit symbol, messaging, public relations, internal communications, video development, website reskin, and advertising.