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Deep experience in healthcare, education and transportation industries

“We are so pleased with the new identity that Hilgers+Werner worked with us to create.”
Amy Gudmestad, Executive Director, MICC
“I can’t thank them enough for their work. It was thorough, thoughtful and first-class.”
Dana Woods, Marketing Strategy & Communications, Consumer Markets, Medica
“They worked very closely with me and my team to develop our brand and to define our culture in a very powerful way.”
Joe Egertson, CEO
“Hilgers+Werner has genuine enthusiasm and support for the mission of the Germanic-American Institute, and it shone through in their work.”
Jeana Anderson, Executive Director

“We are so pleased with our end result, and so grateful to Hilgers+Werner for all of their hard work.”

Amy Gudmestad, Executive Director , MICC
“H+W defined our Brand Truth very well. We refer to it in every meeting and challenge ourselves to live by what we say.”
Joe Egertson, CEO
“We appreciated the research that Jody and Randy put into learning more about our organization, our vision and how the rest of the world sees us.”
Amy Gudmestad, Executive Director , MICC

“H+W took the time to understand our company, our culture, our passions and our differentiators.”

Joe Egertson, CEO

“The depth of their understanding of what we do, and what impact we want to make in the world was amazing.”

Amy Gudmestad, Executive Director , MICC
“We get positive feedback on our Brand Truth from customers, vendors and employees.”
Joe Egertson, CEO
“Our endeavor was a big one, with the renaming and re-branding of an organization that hadn’t changed its image in over 20 years. We are so pleased with the new brand.”
Amy Gudmestad, Executive Director , MICC

“I appreciate Jody’s and Randy’s willingness to present everything in the form of an open dialogue.”

Amy Gudmestad, Executive Director , MICC

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