Research. Clarify. Strengthen.

We are research-based brand strategists, with experience working with Fortune 100 clients, small nonprofit clients and everyone in between.

Jody Hilgers


Jody is known for her strategic marketing planning that delves into complex market issues to achieve extraordinary results. She builds and strengthens brands through her full range of experience in market research, branding, advertising, direct marketing, public relations, corporate communications and business writing.

Randy Werner


Randy is known for his particular agility at synthesizing information from a variety of sources and turning insights into strategy for business-to-business and business-to-consumer markets. His expertise using unique branding models and research unearths fresh perspectives.

What is your biggest challenge?

If you need to better understand what your market needs;
If you need to crystallize your brand positioning;
If you need to strengthen your audience messaging;
If you need to create brands or sub brands;
If you need to build brand architecture;
If you need to refresh your brand identity;
If you need to strengthen your brand through advertising, direct marketing, social media and public relations;
If you need to track the effectiveness of your advertising dollars;
If you want to better understand your customers’ experiences;
then contact us. We’re here to help.

Hilgers+Werner Truths

Strategy comes from nimble knowledge.

It means being skillful and vigilant about gathering information, finding what is timely, and adapting to cumulative facts.

Insight is part art and part science.

It means taking nimble knowledge and combining it with the art of understanding people and their marketplace to develop clear and powerful strategies.

Say what you do and do what you say.

It means making and building a strong brand lies in having integrity to the brand ethos.

Our Clients